Spiritual Care

Offering comfort and spiritual support to those who seek it

William Temple House provides spiritual care and companionship to anyone seeking it. Whether a crisis is brought on by financial, psychological or other reasons, a family in crisis is often having a crisis in faith – faith in themselves, faith in the future, and faith in divine direction.

People of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to receive spiritual support and counseling at William Temple House. As a faith-based agency, William Temple House aims to heal the whole person: physical, psychological, and spiritual. When a person is struggling in any of these areas, William Temple House has the staff and resources to help.

At William Temple House, lay and ordained people learn about social ministry and pastoral care, and receive opportunities to serve and guide others, under the careful supervision of experienced spiritual practitioners.

For more information or to meet with our Chaplain – Coordinator of Spiritual Care, please call 503-226-3021 ext. 1204